We spent an hour or so watching a family of Cheetah at the Western end of the Mara Triangle. It was like documentary program come to life: a missed chase after a group of Thomson gazelle; one of the cubs got spooked and ran off, necessitating a search; then some gambolling around by the cubs while the hungry mother scanned the horizon for prey, recognising that she needed to feed the young before dark; then a chase after a young Tommy, and mum reappears from over the crest of the rise with the carcass; but the gazelle isn’t dead, and mum has in fact just wounded it to teach the kids how to finish off their prey (of course, they’re all spooked and run around like mad things); then finally as its getting dark and a thunder storm approaches, she does the dead, they all feed and we leave them in peace.

I am a big fan of Jonothan Scott, but I’m starting to think that Big Cat Diary is a bit of a doodle – this stuff writes itself!

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4 thoughts on “An afternoon with the Cheetahs

  1. Jocelyn Pride 6 years ago

    Wow – what an experience. Great shots Stuart 🙂

  2. Gerg 6 years ago

    All three kids utterly charmed by these. Nice work.

  3. Stuart 6 years ago

    Thanks, all. Making our way home now, so if the kids sleep on the plane I may get to edit a few more photos en route. Joce – I hope you got lots of great shots in North America. Can’t wait for a look. Cheers, Stuart