A few days ago we took a balloon ride in the Mara. It was great fun, although the landing was a bit bumpy and the kids were a little freaked out. I had to make a choice of just one lens for the flight, so I took my 5D Mk II with 100-400mm (thanks, Peta – it was the right call!). Most of the shots will need some work before I post them, so I will wait til I get home and can look at them on a good screen. For now, here’s a selection that were easy enough to prepare on the laptop. The first two are shot at ISO 6400, there’s a bit of noise, but much less than I expected, especially given the dynamic range in the second photo. What a great camera.

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One thought on “Morning above the Maasai Mara

  1. Peta North 6 years ago

    Looking good Stuart, can’t wait to see more