Three views of the changing light at St Kilda Pier today. This morning there was really terrific light and no breeze at all, so magnificent reflections. Unfortunately, when I got home I discovered that when I put my camera in for a sensor clean the repair guy had switched the settings from RAW to JPEG, so the first shot is worked up from hardly any information. So this evening I went back fro a couple more shots just on sunset. I think my favourite is the last one, an 87 second exposure about 30 mins after sunset.

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4 thoughts on “Dawn + Dusk + Dark at St Kilda pier

  1. Peta North 6 years ago

    Like all three but love the blues in the last one….
    Looks like you had an amazing time in Africa….

  2. Stuart 6 years ago

    Thanks, Peta. I think I agree – the last one is a much more simple image.
    Africa was fantastic. I still have a heap of photos to work through.

  3. Gerg 6 years ago

    My preference is for the first – perhaps it’s informed by familiarity. Looking at it, I keep expecting a cormorant or a penguin to break the water’s surface.

  4. Stuart 6 years ago

    Thanks, Gerg. The first one SHOULD have been the best, but with a JPEG I just couldn’t reproduce the blue and gold reflections in the water.