I was meant to have a 7 days in Broome with my family last week, but worked heated up and I wasn’t able to get away as planned. Rather than completely waste the ticket I managed to get over there for a couple of days. Caught up with some old friends.  Nigel Gaunt (www.reddirtphoto.com.au) has some great new pics showing at the Broome Factory as part of an exhibition with 15 other local artists (www.thebroomefactory.com.au). I also renewed my long standing acquaintance with the lone boat at Town Beach, on the rise where the old jetty used to be. Pleased to say both Nigel and the boab were in fine form. 

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3 thoughts on “Visiting old friends

  1. Nigel Gaunt 6 years ago

    Well done Stuart, it took long enough to put it up….lol
    Like the light on the Boab, might have to get there myself one day!!

  2. Peta 5 years ago

    Beautiful light on the last image, gotta love the Boabs.

  3. Stuart 5 years ago

    Thanks, Nigel & Peta. You might have though that after ten days with you guys shooting every second boab on the Gib I’d be over them by now… but I’m not!