From a flight up the coast today with Nigel Gaunt and David Bettini. Christian’s pre-trip advice was “if you get up in the air, shoot the camels” and Nigel described it as “the photo that pays the bills”. So I guess it was an inevitable pic. Nigel says he has a better one, but its part of his secret collection… (


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4 thoughts on “Cable Beach aerial #1

  1. Greg 5 years ago

    Perhaps there’s a whole genre of aerial camel photography that I’m unaware of, but that’s a great shot.

  2. greg 5 years ago

    Christian’s shot looks like a bunch of Airfix figures arranged on a Fred Williams painting. It’s great but it seems perhaps too unreal?

  3. Stuart 5 years ago

    His looks better as a print than the image on his site. (Can’t be too bad, as I think he got a Gold award at the APPAs… )