A few Fuji X100 shots from the upper concourse of the Opera House. Pretty standard for a mild Tuesday evening – a couple of people proposed 10 feet from me (she said yes), and at least 2 couples broke up (including the pair in the final pic – I can only assume she is up-dating her facebook status while he finishes his smoke). I love how people gravitate here for the big events in their lives. I wonder whether its the Opera.

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2 thoughts on “Bennelong Point, Sydney

  1. Greg 5 years ago

    Must be something about the culture of public marriage proposals in Sydney. We were dining at the Hilton not so long ago and a bloke who’d been looking distinctively uncomfortable at the table opposite went down on bended knee, she burst into tears and barely managed to choke out the word “yes”, and everyone applauded.

  2. peta 5 years ago

    Nice set Stuart, the last two are my favourites, love the soft light in the last one.