I was in the US for a few days on work and was able to stick around for the weekend. I enrolled in a one-day photography class at Julia Dean Photo Workshops in LA. The focus was Environmental Portraiture, run by Mark Edward Harris, and in the course of the day Mark sent us all out into the surrounding streets to try out what we’d learned and bring back some shots to critique. Lucky for me, I found myself in a trio with Leslie and Leda and thanks to Leda’s unrelenting curiosity and charm we finished up in Freak Chic on Melrose Avenue (“Tattoos, Piercing, Aesthetic Excellence”). These people were kind enough to let us practice on them – which was probably a novel concept, since in their world, I’m guessing practice is a foreign idea!). The first photo is Allen, and the tattoo artist in the last two is called Alice (I think). I didn’t catch the name of their customer, but when I told him it was looking great he just said “I hope so, because its gonna hurt like Hell”, and judging by the extent of his existing ink work I’m guessing he should know.

The course was a real blast and its hard to believe how much I learned in just a few hours. It was especially great to get advice from Mark, who kindly dissected images from his massive career. Here are a few links for anyone keen:



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2 thoughts on “Freak Chic – 7365 Melrose Avenue LA, 90046

  1. Peta North 6 years ago

    These a great and what a workshop it must have been. No 2 really tells the story, captured beautifully.

  2. Marc-Antoine 6 years ago

    I like nr 1 because you have beautifully captured the quiet pride of a man who has seen a lot and suffered for what he has constructed himself to be. There is no defiance, no arrogance, no shyness, just tranquil self-assurance. I am amazed by the rapport you managed to build with him, in the fleeting moment of a photograph.