Got an invitation to the final race of the V8 Supercar series in Sydney last weekend. Would have been great to go armed with lots of big grey lenses, but I figured it would be (a) antisocial and (b) likely to create some kind of pictorial rights infringement. I was pretty happy with a handful of shots I was able to get with the Fuji. Think I will have to work on an official PG pass for next year … Above: Toll Holden team in final prep on Garth Tander’s vehicle 30 mins before the start
Above: “No bull in the paddock” Above: Todd Kelly’ spit team (and admirers)Above: StratCo pit crew

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3 thoughts on “V8 Supercars, Sydney

  1. Peta North 6 years ago

    All great photos but love no 3. Yes the Fuji’s and amazing camera.

  2. David 6 years ago

    1 & 2 are best for mine. Composition of three is interesting but with the rain on the perspex the photo comes across a bit busy.

  3. Stuart 6 years ago

    Thanks, guys. Personally, I like #2 best. I just enjoy the way the bloke on the left is making his point.