Teddy’s Lookout is tucked into the hillside above the mouth of the George River in the Otways, right behind Lorne. The carpark is within sight of the last street before Lorne dissolves into the bush. The view over the George River estuary is one of the great Great Ocean Road vistas – less iconic than some of the spots further west, but on the right day its as spectacular.

To get into position for the sunrise you need to leave Torquay pretty early, even in June. But its worth it. 

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2 thoughts on “Teddy’s Lookout, Lorne

  1. peta 6 years ago

    great set Stuart, the first one is my fav also like the perspective of the second..

  2. Stuart 6 years ago

    Thanks, Peta. I was half hoping for a bit of fog coming down from the Otways – but that would have made for a hairy drive around from Torquay before sunrise!