The 2012 Team Digital GSTA for Urban Landscape 2012 was decided, with Christian Fletcher and Tony Hewitt doing the honours as final round judges. The winning images are up on the Team Digital blog (link below). My three entries are included below. The first one (“River Monster”) scored first place in the Trolley category. Take a look at the winners in the overall urban landscape prize. Sheldon Petit’s equal third spot image of the tanks at Port Headland is an absolute killer.

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2 thoughts on “Golden Shopping Trolley Award 2012

  1. Tina Bartley 5 years ago

    They are all great shots Stuart, but the winning Monster shot is awesome. A very well deserved win. Wear my crown well Sir for I shall be taking it back next year… hehe

  2. Stuart 5 years ago

    Thanks, Tina. Forget the Loupe Awards – this is my highlight of the year. I haven’t started work on the follow-up, but I’m expecting stiff competition. After all, its a title that has never been defended…