Rather stoked to score a mention in the Capture magazine Top Emerging Photographers edition. In his first clever sleight of hand, Marc Gafen extracted a profile from me (under the guise of a mention in the Talent section, which turned out to be both a ruse and an actual feature – nice work) without letting on I’d made it as a finalist in the Landscape Category. His second cunning move was issuing the edition early on the iPad so I had to renew my subscription and now I also have to buy a dozen or so issues to leave casually lying around the house, office, back of my car, and anywhere else I might be recognised. No wonder he’s a billionaire media mogul.

Anyway, more importantly, congrats again to Sheldon Pettit for taking out the overall EPOTY as well as the landscape category, and to Dylan Fox who was named as Runner Up in Landscape. Two of my favourite Australian photographers. Also big shout out to Tania Malkin and Debbie Fowler who were finalists in Landscape. Greg Evans won the Architecture category with some awesome work from around Melbourne, and Michelle Knowles was a finalist.

Make sure you grab the mag – its packed full of amazing work.

Elwood, sunrise, skies, CBD, Office Ceres container


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